O-1/O-2 Advisory Opinions

Guidelines for Requesting O-1/O-2 Advisory Opinions

AMPTP Guidelines and instructions are available for download here.

AMPTP Advisory Letter Request Form is available for download here.

Due to the City of Los Angeles’ “Safer at Home” initiative, the AMPTP is currently unable to accept or process requests for O-1 and O-2 advisory opinions sent in hard copy.  Until further notice, and on a temporary basis only, the AMPTP will accept O-1 advisory letter requests via email in pdf format provided that those requests comply with the requirements described below.  It is up to the requester to ensure compliance before submission.

The AMPTP’s standard guidelines regarding the content that you are required to submit and the 50-page limit apply to pdf requests.  Please review those guidelines, available here, prior to submitting.

The temporary process is as follows:

    1. A separate $250 electronic payment must be made for each beneficiary.  Please do not combine payments.
    2. Each $250 payment must be submitted electronically to the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.  Please contact accounting@amptp.org to receive the electronic payment information.
    3. Identify each payment you are submitting with the name of the beneficiary in the format of last name followed by first name, as space permits.  For example, use DOEJOHNBENJA for John Benjamin Doe or WASHINGTONGE for George Washington.  Only twelve (12) characters are permitted for this identification.
    4. Save your payment confirmation information to provide to the AMPTP along with the submission packet.

    1. Please submit each advisory letter request as a separate email, using the beneficiary’s name as the subject line, last name first.  Please do not submit multiple letter requests in a single email.
    2. The email address for submissions is imgr@amptp.org
    3. Documents must include:
      1. The advisory letter request package in pdf format (see our guidelines for details); AND
      2. Proof of payment, including confirmation number and date (see “I. ELECTRONIC PAYMENT” above for details).
    4. Please include the cover letter as the first page of the pdf package AND paste it into the body of the email.

To expedite processing, please bookmark the following items in the pdf package, if possible:

  • The deal memo(s)
  • The I-129 form
  • The completed AMPTP Request Form (forms available here.)
  • The petitioner’s letter to USCIS

Additional notes:

  • There are no refunds on electronic payments.
  • Please do not send pdfs longer than 50 pages (not including the Request Forms, which are not counted toward the page limit).  Oversized pdf submissions will be rejected.
  • Note that we are currently unable to predict turnaround time, but it may be slower than normal. 
  • Any hard copy requests that may have been delivered to our office address after our office closure on the evening of March 18, 2020 will be destroyed after our office reopens.  Checks included with these submissions will also be destroyed.  Please resubmit the documentation for the request and the payment electronically, as described above.

The AMPTP GDPR Data Protection Policy is available here.


Mandatory Advisory Opinion Documents

  • Previous AMPTP and Guild/Union advisory opinion, if available
  • Signed I-129 Form
  • Signed Petitioner's Letter to the Bureau on Company Letterhead.
  • Signed Deal Memo and/or Contract
  • Background (resume, work experience, credits, awards, etc.)

Suggestions to Expedite Processing

  • Include a completed AMPTP Advisory Letter Request Form for each production
  • Follow our guidelines closely
  • O-1 Packet should be less than 50 pages
  • Send packet at least one week in advance
  • Organize your packet
  • Highlight pertinent background information (e.g. the name of the beneficiary in news articles)


  • Information on other performers
  • Scripts
  • DVD or other video
  • Submissions for anyone working outside the motion picture and television industry (e.g. models, live performers and video game workers)